we are home We Are Home – is a historical, factual, dramatic telling of the tragic death of the Zambian football team who were at the start of an amazingly promising career.  They had just qualified for the World Cup and were ready to take on any of the world-class football teams, when tragedy struck and they were all killed in an horrific plane crash.  What died along with them was the country’s spirit and passion.  In 2012 – the year the film is set – Zambia qualifies for the African Cup of Nations despite the team being viewed as the ‘underdogs’.  They call in coach Herve Renard, who formerly coached the World Cup team a few years earlier. They narrowly beat the other teams on their journey through the matches, but on the night before the final game they decide to visit the crash site (which is just a few hundred metres from where the final match was to be played) to invoke the spirits of their dead brothers to be on the field with them in the final match.  They go on to win this 8-7 in a nail-biting penalty shootout.’


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