PS Poster‘Operation Deadstick’ – The Capture of the Orne River & canal bridges which would be crucial to defend the left flank of the whole long awaited second front and was vital not only for the invasion itself but also to the Allied Airborne operation. The leading assault was to be carried out by the men of D Company of the Oxs & Bucks Light Infantry commanded by Major John Howard which was part of the 6th Airborne Division. Landing three of his six gilders within a few dozen yards of the actual canal bridge itself Howard succeed in a surprise attack that defied all logic and physics .

Pegasus Bridge is a history lesson about bravery and courage – about what young men did so that people of today could live in freedom.


4 thoughts on “Pegasus Bridge

  1. Jason Littleford says:

    If you are looking for a German or Allied cameraman to enhance your movie I have the correct uniforms and period cameras ( Arriflex 35 & Eyemo , plus assorted other period cameras used in the conflict ) for both , we also have the BBC sound recording equipment used for D Day , the Riverside midget recorder, please see Many Fronts Living History on Facebook if you would require our assistance …


  2. james porter says:

    i really can’t wait to see this film, finally a WW2 film that doesn’t have the Americans winning the war single handed


  3. Duncan Bagshaw says:

    If you are filming in Lincolnshire and need somewhere for crew and kit to stay then I am happy to offer our Boarding Facilities during August 2017. I am Head of Boarding at Skegness Grammar School based in Wainfleet All Saints. We are 20 minutes from East Kirkby RAF base (where I volunteer as a tour guide during school holidays showing tourists round the Lancaster bomber Just Jane.

    If I can be of any assistance please let me know.

    Duncan Bagshaw


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